9/25: January 2022 Firestarter Pitch Competition Champion Accepted into Techstars Accelerator Program

Since his freshman year of undergrad at Vanderbilt, Wenitte Apiou has zealously dedicated his time, energy, and money to building his startup, Daedalus. Wenitte began coding at the age of ten and has now successfully built the Daedalus platform himself. His work has been validated inside the Vanderbilt community after his victory in the 2022 January Firestarter pitch competition and a beta launch with a few hundred students. Now, after recently being accepted into the prestigious Techstars accelerator program, Wenitte and Daedalus have begun receiving validation beyond Vanderbilt.

About Daedalus

Wenitte is a stock trader, his friends are traders, and most of the people he spends his time with are traders. His enthrallment in this world has uncovered how hard the process of placing a trade really is. Everyone has their own beliefs on how to effectively make investment decisions, whether they are based on technical indicators, social proof, recommendations from others, or even the weather. The problem that Wenitte found with the variations of trading conditions is there was no easy way to make a trade when a trader’s specific conditions occur other than manually monitoring the marketing or hiring a software engineer to custom build a trading system.

Wenitte developed Daedalus to offer a solution that automates the trading process for any and all conditions a trader chooses to trade off of. Daedalus is a block-based programming language designed for traders with no coding background to easily automate the process of buying and selling stocks whenever their specified conditions occur.

Beginning Techstars Accelerator

Wenitte’s acceptance into the three-month-long Techstars Accelerator program has provided him the opportunity to completely re-architect his start-up from the ground up and hire people to grow his start-up. Although he has just begun, Wenitte has already made massive strides to turn his goal of creating an empire into a reality. Coming from an engineering background, Wenitte struggled to understand the business side of the start-up. After one week, the Techstars mentors have already assisted Wenitte in developing product market fit, conducting customer interviews, and understanding financial models.

With one week under his belt, Wenitte is eager to continue to perfect Daedalus and develop his business skills. When asked what he is most excited about in the program he said:

“I’m I just want to learn,” Wenitte said. “There’s a lot that I don’t know right now. And I’m not going to be able to succeed unless I learn it. Techstars is one of the best environments because they’re entrepreneurs, people who have done this thing before and their insights are just years ahead.”

To learn more about Daedalus, check out their website. Techstars offers in-person, virtual, and hybrid accelerators all over the globe. If you are interested in applying, applications are now open for multiple January, February, and March programs. Find out more here.