Blog: 4 Forward Looking Startup Ideas Pitched at the February C4E Firestarters

Last month four teams presented an array of business concepts to a panel of local Nashville entrepreneurs. The concepts included a collaborative streaming app, a futuristic new country club design, an investor-oriented digital advertising agency and a Vanderbilt inspired clothing company. Participants ranged from first year underclassmen to graduate MBA students. Learn more about these startup ideas and their teams:

5 Points Country Club: Presented by Jack Robertson 

The concept of 5 Points Country Club combats four problems that limit golfers from playing: weather, cost, time and repetitive courses. Bringing the 25 billion dollar golf course and country club industry indoors through the use of golf simulators, this concept makes everyday a great day for golf. The club provides a selection of over 150 courses and practice options, the convenience of extended hours, cost savings and perfect indoor weather to stop golfers from missing tee times. The concept attracts not only golfers but also networkers and socialites. As the North American golf simulator market reaches 664 million dollars and 20 million people engage in non-traditional forms of golf, this concept is one with enormous potential.

KYŌŌ View: Presented by Allison Taylor

KYŌŌ View is a mobile app for customers to optimize the time spent streaming through aggregating options and connecting to friends for the most personalized recommendations. The app shares and recommends shows to friends in a consumer’s KYŌŌ network, helps track shows consumers want to watch, optimizes recommendations and quickly filters options to choose shows based on preference. With strong projected growth in both the streaming market and revenue from social networking, this app’s success will be determined by overcoming option paralysis through social connection.


Fifty-50 Digital Advertising: Presented by Lucas Hagerty 

Fifty-50 is a digital advertising agency that functions off a shared revenue model. Marketing tools falling short is a major contributor to stagnation in startups and a solution is required as future investors want to see traction. However, when growth is stalled, issues arise. At Fifty-50, the agency invests their time to create and optimize digital ad campaigns, investing up to $20,000 towards the initial budget. In return, the agency receives 50 percent of revenue that is generated by the campaign. This business model allows for startups to invest in marketing efforts at no cost, benefiting both the client and the agency.

Achor’d Clothing: Presented by Peter Lee and Nikhil Polepalli 

Anchor’d Clothing is a Nashville based, Vanderbilt inspired street wear company that strives to bring affordable, stylish and creative clothing to Vanderbilt alumni and students. Inspired by other modern clothing designs, the brand combats the lack of variety, style and affordability of current offerings in the market. The business functions off a “drop” style model, releasing products once a month in exclusive quantities. To view the brands new products and stay up to date on their April 1st launch, visit their instagram @anchordclothing.

After constructive feedback and deliberation from the judges, the first place prize was awarded to Lucas Hagerty presenting Fifty-50 Digital Advertising. Lucas was awarded $500 toward his efforts in launching the brand. Allison Taylor followed in second place for her pitch on KYŌŌ View.