Blog: 9 EMBA Teams Conclude Mod 2 with Launching the Venture Pitch Deck Presentations

Saturday morning nine student groups concluded Doctor Michael Burcham’s Launching the Venture course with a virtual pitch deck competition. All nine teams presented their business concepts to a panel of twelve judges who served as potential early-stage investors who had the choice to invest all or none of their monopoly money. After the student groups presented their business ideas, the judges provided feedback and posed followed up questions. Both judges and students then rated all concepts to determine a student choice winner and a winner of the judges votes. The nine concepts and c-suite teams included: 


Robert West (CEO), Allison Westlake (CMO), Paul Moellers (COO), Austin Moss (CFO)

FixIt is a managed service provider leveraging proprietary web platform and provider marketplace to source the best talent to provide a highly responsive, specialized and bespoke IT customer experience for small to medium sized healthcare practices. In the last nine months the world has experienced a rapid wave of digital transportation. With this shift, cloud technology and cyber security are in high demand and more important now than ever. FixIt aims to provide healthcare IT service solutions by minimizing issues of limited availability, lack of transparency and a one size fits all approach that consumers in the IT industry encounter. View the team’s website template here.


Fleet Crew

Bryan Morris (MRVP), Crystal Kinser (CMO), Drew Hursey (CFO),  Mark Morton (COO), Tara Rice (CEO)

Serving as a mobile car washing operation catering to companies utilizing fleet vehicles, Fleet Crew provides cleaning services in conjunction with basic maintenance services as a business to business service provider. The company utilizes both a subscription and a la carte model with their biggest selling point being convenience. Recognizing the probable rapid increase in mobility as a service over the next 10 years, Fleet Crew works to offer customers a more convenient option for services they already receive with the goal of minimizing the challenges associated with maintaining a fleet of cars. 

Clementine Health

Andrew Zallie (CEO), Christina Mosser (CFO), Tyler Baumgardt (COO), Josh Truitt (CMO)

Enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans has nearly doubled in the past decade. For these plans, member malnutrition and food insecurity are directly correlated to poor health outcomes and an increased cost of care. Clementine Health combats malnutrition, reduces costs and increases overall member experience by partnering with medicare plans. Offering nutritious ready-to-eat meals that are ordered online and delivered directly to at-risk populations, the team has a mission of ensuring nobody will face the dual crisis of hunger again.

Home HQ

Tara Tenorio (CMO), Corey Gingras (CEO), Jake Stubbs (COO), Rick Navarre (VPMR), Kelsey Bahadursingh (CFO) 

Home HQ is an app targeted towards millennial homeowners with the goal of helping millennials navigate the challenges of owning a home. The app consists of a homeowner’s checklist, maintenance scheduling reminders, how-to videos, connection to local service providers and ongoing, on-call virtual help to empower millennial homeowners to manage their space through education, organization and consultation tools. Users can trial the app for free for 30 days, then pay a monthly subscription or annual fee.

Balcony Box

Lindsey Lance (CEO), Mary Darby (CMO), Kyle Mattson (COO), Greg Geffre (CFO), Scott Glidden (SVP Sales)

Balcony Box is a garden subscription box that makes gardening in urban settings easy. Through customized plants, convenient delivery and technology to educate consumers, Balcony Box minimizes the challenges of urban gardening: space, supplies and guidance. From market feedback the company realized consumers issues with gardening is the lack of good customer service and education. This is where Balcony Box provides value to bring garden vibes to urban lives. Balcony Box will rely heavily on social media and digital content to generate interest and promotion of the new brand.

LEAP Play Systems

Kristen Kenney (CEO), Eric Holder (CFO), Adam Nadeau (CMO), Andrew Dunn (COO), John Falatok (VP of Sales)

LEAP Play Systems provides families a range of play systems that are customized and regularly replaced as children grow to guarantee a beautiful, safe, developmentally appropriate and compelling backyard option for every child. Operating off a subscription model, the concept competes in the market by minimizing the cost of entry, improving the safety and ease of availability and providing simple installation and customizable products with annual replacement. The company will generate awareness for launch through school partnerships, pop-up Leap installations, and targeted social media marketing.



Emily Engel (CMO), Margaret Harrison (CEO), Kyle Connelly (CFO), Shriji Patel, MD (SVP Market Research), Sam Skinner (COO)

Every day adolescents and young adults access dangerous, potentially addictive prescriptions. As ⅔ of adults with opioid disorders started using as a young adult, monitoring and guarding medications is crucial to protecting children. Securepill is a safer, smarter pill cap that provides remote notifications so anyone can monitor their medicine even when they’re not around it. The pill cap provides parents with peace of mind knowing they are in control of their prescriptions as they’re monitored at all times with phone and email alerts.


Kevin Parker (CEO), Meredith Ficken (CMO), Vipual Prakash (COO), Alex Tkachenko (CFO), Christin Ilic (VP Sales)

With the recent change in athletic laws, the NCAA will now allow athletes to be paid using their name, image and likeness. NameBrandNow is an influencer marketing platform connecting college athletes with advertising opportunities that would benefit from their endorsement and elevate their personal brand. The platform limits the need to negotiate, offers athletes NIL curriculum to educate them about their personal brand, facilitates compliance monitoring for universities to ensure athletes are upholding their reputation and assists advertisers in selecting the right athlete influencer. See a sample of an athlete profile below:

Pure Land Sake

Rick Margaritov (CEO), Falon Scott (COO), Shawn Odle (CFO), Charlie Brown (CMO), Jen Griffin (SVP), Ping Li (MRVP)

Pure Land is an American craft sake that aims to inspire a new generation of sake in the United States and inform consumers with a new reason to drink. The brand connects deeply with American sake drinkers through quality natural ingredients, product design and communal experiences. Traditional sake has a lack of brand connection, education and recognition when compared to other alcohols. Pure Land hopes to combat this by making a place at the table for American craft sake. By becoming more than just an enjoyable drink during a sushi dinner, Pure Land will attribute its success to educating consumers about sake. Read more about Pure Land’s mission and the craft sake experience.

At the conclusion of the presentations, judges voiced excitement about the potential of all concepts and shared overall positive comments about the level of competition, rigor of work and sophistication of ideas. During the judges feedback, scores were aggregated to determine Balcony Box as the student choice winner followed my Pure Land and Fleet Crew. Of the twelve judges’ votes and investment amounts, Balcony Box was determined the winner with Securepill and LEAP Play Systems as the runner ups. 

Dr. Michael Burcham shared that 7 out of the 9 teams received a first place vote by judges. He noted this as an indicator of the level of competition and outstanding work of the students. Thank you to the members of the Nashville entrepreneur community for serving as judges and to the student teams for their hard work. 

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