Blog: FanFix Takes 1st at October Firestarter Pitches

On October 20th, the C4E hosted their first Firestarter Pitch Competition of the academic year. Five teams, each with early-stage startup ideas, were selected to present their business concepts to a panel of four Vanderbilt alumni entrepreneur and investor judges. While there could only be one winner, the judges gave each group valuable advice and feedback that will help them capitalize on their current business ideas and maximize their growth potential. The Firestarter winner was Simon Pompan and his startup company, Fanfix.

A Los Angeles native and current Vanderbilt junior, Pompan has always felt passionate about entrepreneurship. With the aid of numerous clubs and countless thought-provoking business discussions with friends, he has actively built on this passion and grown his industry skills. His entrepreneurial journey will continue to flourish as he strives to work with more and more high-growth startups.   

Simon Pompan and business partner, Harry Gestetner

The idea of Fanfix first came about late one night when Pompan and his business partner, Harry Gestetner, were discussing how current social media platforms limit their creators from generating any monetary value from their content. This issue forces some creators to partner with brands to create inauthentic advertisements in order to make a profit. Pompan and Gestetner wanted to develop a solution to this problem so creators could receive their well-deserved earnings for their content. Fanfix became this solution. Pompan explains: 

“At Fanfix, we are shifting the balance of power from large social media conglomerates back in favor of the creators. Fanfix is a clean (13+) exclusive content platform for creators to monetize on their following and engage with their most loyal fans. Creators set their own monthly subscription price and have full control over their profiles. Creators can post behind the scenes content, blogs, vlogs, drop meal/fitness plan, provide early access to merch drops, giveaways, status updates….. really the possibilities are endless. Fanfix provides an alternative revenue stream of recurring monthly income to creators.”

         Today, Fanfix has seen fast success, having raised over $1 million from investors, attracted 250 creators, and even signed on Instagram star Cameron Dallas as co-founder. As the once small business idea begins to take off, the company is ecstatic with its growth and expansion. However, with every accomplishment the company has achieved, there are even more challenges that await. Pompan is eager to continue this work and is enthused, rather than discouraged, with the hard work ahead as he continues to remind himself, “There is nobody better to build my company than me.”

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