Congratulation to the Three 2023 Sohr Grant Finalists

The Sohr Grant, gifted by Owen alum Jim Sohr, is an incredible opportunity for Owen students to pursue their entrepreneurial goals and turn their ideas into reality. On March 22, 2023, five teams presented their business concepts to a panel of judges, and after much deliberation, the top three teams have been chosen. Congratulations to Venturous, presented by Neil Granberry; TuneHatch, presented by Nathan Youssef and Christal Hector; and The Birth Control App, presented by Julia Schuller.

We extend our warmest congratulations to these teams and their members for their outstanding performances. Their business concepts showed exceptional creativity, feasibility, and potential impact. It is clear that they put in a lot of effort and dedication into their presentations, and their hard work has paid off.

We would also like to acknowledge all the teams who participated in the competition. It was inspiring to see so many innovative and forward-thinking business ideas coming from Owen, and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into each presentation.

The final round of the competition will take place on April 12, where the top three teams will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas once again. The recipient of the 2023 Sohr Grant will be announced after the final round of pitches.

Once again, congratulations to Venturous, TuneHatch, and The Birth Control App for making it to the final round of the 2023 Sohr Grant competition. We wish you the best of luck on April 12 and in your future entrepreneurial endeavors.